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Soyka Smith Design Studios (SSDS) is a fully bonded furniture and design dealership that serves libraries, k-12 schools, higher education, and municipalities in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut and more. We provide quality furniture and systems that address the needs of the client while incorporating current market trends in design and technology. 


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we do it


The SSDS team is a well-oiled machine (you can meet us here!). We bring over 65 years of combined experience to the table. We aren't the kind of dealership that will bring you a catalogue and say "pick what you like". We approach each project with the full scope of design in mind. After programming a space, SSDS creates and specifies furniture that is unique and custom to our client. With the ability to offer over 70 manufacturers, SSDS never "rubber stamps" anything and ensures a design package that feels authentic to the end user. We know that not everyone is a designer and sometimes visualizing a finished space is hard! Our team provides floor plans and renderings until it meets our client's approval. We work with our warehouse and crew to ensure a seamless delivery and installation to the job site.

we do it


Well, the short answer is that we love what we do. Soyka Smith Design Studios believes in the marriage of function and form. We don't believe in sacrificing one for the other. We love solving existing issues through design and providing a finished look that enhances the end user's experience (all while staying within budget!). Your space has a story to tell. You're the author...but we're your ghost writer.  Whether its a student commons area at a high school, the children's floor of a library, or administrative offices within a municipality building--we work hard to make sure your furniture works for you. 

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